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Business Travel Tips: Choosing the Perfect Extended Stay Accommodations

The living room of the 2-Bedroom Duplex at Lanson Place Waterfront Suites, Hong Kong

Having to move to a new city can be daunting and tiring no matter how often you do it and how used to it you are. The need to build new routines and get used to the new scenery, people, and home is exhausting. Make that move easier and smoother by finding a good extended stay accommodation that you can feel comfortably at home. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing the perfect long term serviced apartment or hotel rental for your next extended business travel.

1. Location and Accessibility

Exterior of the Lanson Place Aroma Garden, Shanghai

Time is money. Don’t waste it by having to worry about traffic or transportation every day you are away. For your next long-term hotel or serviced residence rental, take into account location and accessibility. See what is nearby. How close or how easy is it for you to get to and from the airport? Are you close to any public transportation that allows you to explore the city easily? Are you within walking distance to your workplace? Does the neighbourhood you are in have any restaurants or entertainment options for you during your downtime? These are all essential parts of your week that must be considered to optimise your extended business trip.

2. Atmosphere and Vibe

Children’s room in the Three-Bedroom Suite at Lanson Place Tianfu Square, Chengdu

The extended stay accommodation you book is going to be your home for a while. Don’t add any additional stress by choosing a place that you are not comfortable in. Read the reviews, scan the pictures, and comb through their website to determine their character, atmosphere, and vibe before choosing one that suits your purposes and style. Make sure that the ambience is one that you can feel at ease in and proudly call home. Things like the colour tone of their upholstery, the view from your window, and services they provide all contribute to the feel and spirit of the accommodation.

3. Sense of Community

Cookhouse@9 (Communal Kitchen) at Lanson Place Winsland, Singapore

Nothing makes you feel right at home and settled into your new neighbourhood like becoming good friends with your neighbours. Check if your hotel or serviced residence offers any events or activities that are geared towards building a sense of community. Do they host cocktail hours, exercise classes, outings, or gatherings regularly? By creating a space and time for social gatherings, natural interactions and genuine friendships can evolve. You never know, the people you meet during these events can end up becoming some of your strongest and long-lasting relationships. 

4. Amenities for Daily Conveniences

Gym’brary at Lanson Place Waterfront Suites, Hong Kong

Living away from home does not mean that you have to change your entire lifestyle. In fact, maintaining your normal schedule is recommended for your own mental health. By having a set routine, your body does not have to go through too many changes which helps with stress management and relaxation of your mind. That is why when you are booking an extended stay accommodation, search for amenities and facilities that allow you to keep your daily routine and healthy habits. Even little things like bathrooms fitted with all the essentials, laundry machines, kitchens armed with a full set of cutlery and utensils, coffee machines, or gyms can make a difference to your living experience. Make it convenient for you to live healthier, easier, and happier. You can even give the hotel or serviced residence extra brownie points if they offer additional amenities and facilities like a swimming pool, lounge, or dedicated area for quiet meditation that show that your comfort is of the utmost priority.

5. Business Facilities and Services

Meeting Rooms I and II at Lanson Place Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The first and foremost purpose of your business trip is business. Therefore, it is important to have all the business-related facilities and services right at your fingertips instead of having to travel purposefully to find a space to work at. Look for a dedicated working space either in the suite or apartment you live in or in the hotel itself. Do they have separate meeting rooms that you can book for important conference calls or meetings? Do they provide a stable and high-speed internet connection to fulfil all your business needs? Can they get your suit dry-cleaned? Having these facilities and services at hand allows you to reduce distraction, encourage better focus and create a better work-life balance when abroad.

Feeling at home is more than just a physical space but also the environment and atmosphere. Make sure that your extended stay accommodations cover both fronts when choosing your long-term hotel or serviced apartment rental.

Our personal hotels and serviced residences at Lanson Place take pride in combining home comforts with our signature family-like hospitality. We offer a peaceful sanctuary that you can confidently call home in major global cities. Rest, relax, and recharge in our private retreats all over Asia.

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