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Make An Impact

Our Business

We are committed to environmental and social sustainability. We incorporate eco-friendly practices and green initiatives into our hotel operations to positively impact the local environment and community. We collaborate with partners who share our values and have implemented management systems to ensure the well-being of our guests and colleagues.

​​Our Community

We believe in community spirit, forging connections beyond business and focusing on our guests to foster a sense of community. Our Lanson Place initiative champions the well-being of underprivileged children by fighting against child hunger. Our culinary project promotes sustainable business growth while supporting local communities. We also partner with organisations to uplift public school infrastructure, foster livelihood opportunities, and reinforce environmental conservation initiatives within our communities.

Our Environment

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and optimize energy, water, and resource usage. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by reducing single-use plastics, recycling food waste, and repurposing plastics into eco-bricks. We have made our bathroom amenities sustainable and provide guests with reusable laundry and shoe bags.

​​Our People

We value family philosophy, fairness, and a welcoming atmosphere for all team members. Females hold 71% of senior leadership positions, and we encourage female team members to take on significant roles in male-dominated departments. Lanson Place Mall of Asia, Manila has faith in Filipinos’ hospitality, talent, and capabilities, and 99% of our employees are from the Philippines.

Collaborations & Partnerships

EarthCare BioSolutions

EarthCare BioSolutions champions “zero landfill waste” by converting most food waste from Lanson Place into organic fertilizer. The company offers an eco-friendly waste disposal alternative and produces products supporting organic farming. Their waste management services focus on converting all waste into environmentally beneficial products.

Our Contribution: Food waste and other waste products are hauled by EarthCare Bio turning these into an environmentally safe organic compost repurposed as fertilizer for herbs and other vegetable crops which in turn can be used as part of the ingredients served at Lanson Place Mall of Asia’s dining venues.  

Hope in a Box

HOPE, a non-profit organisation, focuses on delivering quality education and resources to underprivileged students. Their flagship products, Hope in a Bottle and Hope in a Box, are purified boxed water, where its profits are dedicated to constructing public-school classrooms. They are the first Philippine organisation to donate 100% of its profits for this purpose.

Our Contribution: By carrying the Hope in a Box in Lanson Place Mall of Asia, we do our part in caring for the environment in reducing the use of plastic bottles, supporting public schools as we contribute to bridging the classroom gap in the Philippines and at the same time creating more livelihood for the Filipino community.

Padre Zamora Elementary School

A longstanding pillar of education in Pasay City, this public elementary school prioritises both academic excellence and character development. Renowned for its deep community involvement, the institution encourages students to engage in diverse extracurricular activities and community service, fostering comprehensive and well-rounded student development.

Our Contribution: Lanson Place Mall of Asia’s devoted hosts collaborated with Padre Zamora Elementary School to launch handwashing awareness to children between the ages of 5 and 7 years old to promote good hygiene practices.  


SPECS is a Philippine-based foundation addressing poverty and reaching out to children and families at-risk though Spiritual, Physical, Educational, ​Cultural and Social services.

Our Contribution: Our first partnership with them was last Christmas 2023 dubbed “A Day of Purpose” when we invited the kids for a fun day of activities, snacks and gift giving. Followed by the “Community Feeding Project” done last June 2024, a feeding program for malnourished children in the Barangay of San Dionisio, Sucat. We look forward to help children develop and reach their full potential. Lanson Place Mall of Asia Manila has committed to sponsor a Community Feeding Program for 3 months in 2024 to serve nutritious meals, and positively impact children’s lives.

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